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Cooking Courses Designed For Australia

Our courses are created by the same expert chefs who created & run Otao kitchen cooking school, Richmond (Melbourne). Our classes cover everything from simple skills to advanced recipes, and we are adding more all the time. Plus you can connect with family and friends virtually.

Learning Online With Us Is Easy

We spent months of making so you can: #1 cook on your own with full pre-recorded videos and recipes with the help from our chef within the portal or phone support. #2 cook along with our expert chef over Zoom with menu, recipes and videos sent before the class.

Home-cooked and Healthy Dishes

Our platform focuses on local ingredients that are good for your health and easy to find, with ideas for numerous substitutions to suit your dietary and preferential needs. You can take as many menus as you like one or even more at a time all at your own pace. 

Online Cooking Classes

Have you tried online cooking classes yet? Our 2 hour classes ($32pp) are designed for you to cook through Zoom with an expert chef from your home kitchen. You will get the recipes and notes sent to you before classes. The ingredients have been simplified so you can shop at your local supermarket and cook with us with confidence. Great for long distance family and friends catch up plus you'll make a meal at home to enjoy. Have a look at some of our favorite classes below.

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Self Learning Cooking Courses

Experience the smells, flavours and textures of Asia at home. We connect you with expert chefs for questions over email or phone. They also teach demonstration Zoom monthly class. Plus you get to cook a long with them and learn tips and tricks within our portal. It is fun to find your own ingredients and cook Asian dishes from the comfort of your own home.




  • Monthly Zoom cook along classes
  • Pre-recorded videos with Asian recipes on website or app
  • Easy access with computer, phone, tablet
  • Expert chef support through monthly zoom over the phone
  • Learn  menus with Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese
  • Good for kids and teens from 10 to 16 years old  with parent supervision




  • Join Cook Along Class Free.
  • Monthly Zoom demonstration classes
  • Pre-recorded videos with Asian recipes on website or app
  • Expert chef support through zoom and over the phone 
  • Learn menus with Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean & street finger foods
  • For everyone plus children from 16+ years old




  • Monthly Zoom demonstration classes
  • Pre-recorded videos with Asian recipes on website or app
  • Expert chef support through zoom and over the phone 
  • Learn menus with Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean 
  • For everyone plus children from 16+ years old

Frequently Asked Questions

Our single classes are perfect way to cook with your family and friends. You can book from the the top. So far we have 9 choices Dumpling, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and Street Foods of Asia 

Want to discover different flavours at home? Learn with our 7+ cuisine course featuring a span of Asian cuisines from Japanese, through Indian. You’ll learn the fundamental cooking skills tied to each of these unique Asian cultures, as you explore through each week’s lesson. You’ll gain access to new recipes, tutorials and lessons ranging from shopping tips, through knife skills, nutritional tips and unique cooking methods. READ MORE

In this online cooking class for kids, we create a variety of recipes from different cuisines, showing your kid some basic techniques using ingredients you can easily find available at your local supermarkets. Great for all skill levels. READ MORE

Experience the smells, flavours and textures of Asian vegan cooking at home through our online cooking course. We connect you with expert chefs, to teach you the fundamental skills to cook these amazing Asian vegan dishes at home. READ MORE

All classes are suitable whether you're an experienced cook or a beginner. Our cooking classes are accessible for all skill levels.

Yes, we also offer online cooking classes and food-coaching. You can use the session to ask anything about cooking or develop you unique menu of the week. Price is from $65 per hour. Contact us. 

We will be cultivating a fun and imaginative atmosphere, making delicious food and drinks to share in this virtual team-building ‘happy hour’. Through an approachable back-to-the-basics style of cooking and hospitality, we empower people to connect and develop as a group. Our chef instructors have structured a fun, engaging, and interactive program using food and beverages as a vehicle for inspiring deeper connections. We provide a variety of food-based experiences like home cook-offs, cocktail workshops, cooking classes, contests and challenges.

Contact us 

For more than 6 years, Otao kitchen has partnered with various suppliers, and other hospitality business to expand the range of our offerings and provide excellent and diverse food. We recognise the importance of building and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial partnerships and to engage with new audiences.

We are happy to engage in partnerships across a range of levels from major, long-term sponsorships to short-term associations with a specific goal in mind. For example, you can also sponsor our street food festivals and charity events, food for homeless people, food and cooking video series and company recipe development. 

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Home Cooking Live by Otao kitchen

Otao kitchen is a social cooking school and event space in Richmond about 3 km East of Melbourne, Australia,  where a person can cook, share, inspire and celebrate food traditions. We created this online cooking for people who want to learn to cook at home. Let us guide you to understanding the "world of home cooking" — a set of puzzle pieces that can be rearranged to unlock the code to tastier, healthier and more nutritious food at home. 


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