Celebrate Home Cooking Together Live

Otao Kitchen Cooking School is home to many world cuisines from our kitchen studio in Richmond. The kitchen is designed for food discovery and social interactions focusing on culinary senses for 120+ guests with 10+ classes each week. We have dealt with massive booking cancellations because of Covid 19. We would love to see all our guests back face-to-face soon! We decided to put a challenge into work by creating this ultimate home cooking live and found the best online platform to host the course for you.

We are so excited to launch our new at-home-12-week Asian cooking course! You can join us anytime as our menu will move from one country to the next each week based on your own supermarket ingredients. You can still shop at your normal grocery store and we will not use ingredients that you have to go to a special store! The course will cover the fundamentals of essential cultural know-hows, nutrition, shopping hacks, knife skills as well as taken you on a sensory journey through the true heart of India to exquisite Japanese dishes.

"One of the questions we have from our customer is they can go online to cook but they can’t ask anyone and don’t know how that would work because this is a new food for them. Whether a family or kids to learn new skills or get back to the basics of cooking, they can be assured of a fabulous time with live cooking experiences because they can select to do the class offline or weekly online with our expert chefs so they can get their questions answered, said Chef Ha Nguyen -founder of Otao kitchen.


This course is an ultimate online experience designed to provide an original and interactive way to create, entertain and inspire you and families who stay at home because of Covid 19 for home cook Asian inspired meals and dinner ideas. Our live cooking event services are inspired with an impeccable attention to detail, allowing guests to enjoy the stress-free experience at home for everyday dinner to a finger food party foods.


You can watch the classes for free on from our Facebook page and youtube channel or you can join us as a member to master Asian dishes at home. Each session has two live classes per week, so you are able to interact with the chefs and ask as many questions as you like. You'll also get access to offline videos and recipes to help you build on your skills and master the dishes at home.

  • 12 week online cooking course
  • Expert chef tuition
  • Access to a video library
  • Recipes and shopping notes

We help everyday home cooking magic live at your kitchen soon here



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