Jiaozi- Pork Dumplings


Jiaozi- Pork Dumplings

When we talk about dumplings, we may also to boiled dumplings or shui jiao, 水饺. Here we will be making steamed dumplings or 饺子, jiao zi. Dumplings are the ultimate comfort food that many Chineses eat every week as they are moist and juicy with a small bite of a dumpling. Good dumplings are the one with wrappers should be thin, tender and delicious, the filling is well balanced with meat and vegetable, not too greasy, balanced flavour and comforting. Everything works perfectly together to create a fulfilling, healthy, and hearty one-dish meal.

Eating dumplings is a way to bring good luck so that everything goes well in the coming new year and that family can be together. We’ll give you a thorough introduction to making dumpling wrappers from scratch, wrapping dumplings, and cooking and storing them. So no matter which filling you prefer, you can always refer to this recipe to make dumplings. 

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