Online Cooking Kid Classes Help Parents During Quarantine

Online cooking classes are teaching kids how to make spring rolls, salads or dumplings and more.

Many parents and kids are staying at home with work, study and entertainment. We have to eat, too. That's where cooking classes online, live and on-demand come in. For parents with time and kids with interest in cooking, there is a range of online classes out there that you can entertain your kids.

This also helps to prepare some meals along the way. Children can learn to tear and toss salads, pick herbs, make the dough then fold dumplings. You can leave the teens to do some of the prep however we recommend your support and supervision.

For those seeking an easy approach, YouTube is a place for many compelling and relevant tutorials. The good thing is they are free and you can do what you like.

For kids and their parents looking for a more structured or longer-term program, we have kids and teens classes.

In this course, we have develop...

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